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K-MAX®: Better by design , Proven through performance


  • Designed and tested to perform repetitive external lifting, K-MAX® is proven in the harshest conditions. This medium-lift helicopter is well suited for lifting operations in austere environments, including helicopter logging, power line construction, ski-lift installations, and logistical support for remote construction sites. With K-MAX®'s quiet rotor system and resulting low downwash, it plays a critical role in emergency response missions ranging from firefighting and disaster relief to search and rescue or mobilization and logistics.
  • Certified in 1994, K-MAX® helicopters now operate in many countries around the world, growing in popularity due to their impressive vertical lift capabilities in high-hot conditions. Designed to perform repetitive external lifting, the American-made K-MAX® performs that mission better than any other helicopter in the world. The single-engine, single-seat K-MAX® is a rugged workhorse, and no helicopter works harder or more efficiently.

Simple Design

  • The simplicity of design of the K-MAX® presents a machine that is inherently safer and more reliable. A single engine, a single transmission, a servo-flap controlled, counter-rotating rotor with no high-pressure hydraulic system, and no tail rotor all present a simple, straightforward design with fewer essential systems. The highlight of this simple design is the counter-rotating rotor system, where all the torque is reacted within the transmission. Unlike tail rotor machines that constantly stress the airframe between the rotor and tail rotor, the K-MAX® contains all that, and more power, in the transmission.


Applications and Missions

The K-MAX® is a hard-working helicopter that was designed to perform under extreme conditions and circumstances, with less maintenance. It maintains its capabilities in hot temperatures and at high altitudes, delivering a measurable performance advantage for operators working in harsh conditions. The K-MAX® is well suited to a variety of missions and applications, including:

  • Emergency response
  • Disaster relief, i.e. delivering supplies, removing obstacles
  • Firefighting, with precise water drops: FIRE-MAX application
  • Mobilization and logistics
  • Construction, such as ski-lifts, oil rigs, pipelines, and concrete work
  • Power line construction and repair
  • Timber harvesting
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • High-rise firefighting
  • Data relay station placement
  • Wind energy construction support
  • Emergency rescue
  • Construction in wildlife protected areas


The K-MAX® consistently delivers superior, reliable performance. Mission after mission. Day after day. Year after year.

The K-MAX® can lift more than it weighs - 6,000 lbs.

The K-MAX® burns an average of 85 gallons of fuel per hour during lift operations, the most efficient lift-to-fuel ratio of any helicopter in its class.

  • Max gross weight 12,000 lb/ 5443 kg
  • Max takeoff weight (without external load) 7,000 lb/ 3175 kg
  • Empty weight 5,145 lb/ 2334 kg
  • Useful load 6,855 lb/ 3109 kg
  • Cargo hook capacity 6,000 lb/ 2722 kg
  • Lift Performance — ISA +15° C
  • Sea Level 6,000 lb/ 2722 kg
  • 5,000 feet 5,663 lb/ 2574 kg
  • 10,000 feet 5,163 lb/ 2347 kg
  • 15,000 feet 4,313 lb/ 1960 kg
  • Hover Performance — 4,000 feet, 35° C (95° F)
  • Hover IGE 12,000 lb/ 5443 kg
  • Hover OGE 11,500 lb/ 5216 kg
  • Powerplant
  • Model Honeywell T53-17A1 gas turbine
  • Thermodynamic rating 1,800 shaft horsepower
  • Maximum airspeed
  • Without external load 100 kt/ 185.2 kph
  • With external load 80 kt/ 148.2 kph

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Download a four-color brochure explaining the K-MAX's design, performance, missions, and capabilities.


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